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“The Two Merchants”

For our first release in the Break-even bottle series, we have selected 4 bottles of Jamaican rum from Monymusk Distillery bottled by Velier and E&A Scheer.

Tropical VS Continental aging

We choose those bottles to introduce you to Tropical and Continental aging. We thought that it’s interesting to be able to compare the same product aged in different conditions. It’s even the very first time in rum history that this comparison is made possible with the same original product.

Velier & E&A Scheer, joint bottling allows us to do that with 2 different Marks from the Jamaican distillery Monymusk-Clarendon.

Different Marks

You can choose between the 11y MMW and 14y EMB, and we’ll serve you 2cl of the continental and 2cl of the tropical of your choice. This will allow you to compare both kinds of aging.

Prices :
-Monymusk MMW 11y 2cl + 2cl : 7,5€
-Monymusk EMB 14y 2cl + 2cl : 8€

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