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Clairin – The Spirit of Haiti

At The Modern Alchemist, we love Haitian Rum! For example, the Clairin Communal was almost on every cocktails menu since the opening of the bar. And we regularly recommend you to try some.

For this reason, we add six references on our Webshop.

Clairin Vaval & Clairin Sajous, two single expressions of unaged pure sugarcane juice rum. Sajous makes rum with different varieties of sugarcane, but mostly Crystal, and everything is organic. Vaval owns a 20ha of sugarcane plantation distilled in one continuous copper column still and used a homemade condenser made from a gasoline can.

Clairin Vaval Ansyen 21 months & Clairin Casimir Ansyen 34 months are aged in different cask for several months. These are some of their Single Cask limited edition. The Vaval Ansyen was selected by “The Nectar” and was aged in ex-Caroni cask. The Casimir Ansyen was selected by Valentin Norberg during the Clairin World Championship 2019 in Haiti and was aged in ex-Whisky cask.

Clairin Communal is a blend of 4 communes, Cavaillon, Barraderes, Pignon, and St. Michel de l’Attalaye. Like the other Clairin, it’s produced with organic sugarcane, fermented with natural yeast, and distilled in a small pot still.
Providence is a bit different as it’s not a Clairin, but the new Rum from Velier distilled in a brand new distillery in Port-au-Prince and made with pure sugarcane juice and sugarcane honey. This is the result of a collaboration between La Maison & Velier and Barbancourt.

More info about Clairin

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