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A tribute to nature!

The Réunion is a wonderful island, a wild island! To pay tribute to this fantastic nature, Savanna released 4 new Single Cask Rums in a “Wild Island Edition”.

Single Cask N°121. The Forest.

This Grand Arôme was distilled in 2005 after a long fermentation(Grand Arôme) and aged in an ex-Cognac cask for 13 years.
58,4% – 648 bottles.

Savanna 13y 2005
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Single Cask N°251. The Lava.

Another Grand Arôme but distilled in 2003 and aged in an ex-Cognac cask for 15 years.
66.5% – 420 bottles.

Savanna 15y 2003
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Single Cask N°984. The Ocean.

It’s the youngest one but also the only Agricole. Distilled in 2012 with pure sugarcane juice, aged for 6 years, and finished in ex-Calvados cask from Drouin.
57.6% – 696 bottles.

Savanna 6y 2012 SC
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Single Cask N°987. The Beach.

The last one is a traditional rum who was aged 16 years. Distilled in 2003 and finished in ex-Armagnac cask from Darroze.
52.7% – 936 bottles.

Savanna 16y 2003
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50cl of happiness!

As always with Savanna, everything is well made and every single sip will take you away from home. With their selection, every kind of rum lover will find something to suits his needs as you have the choice between the 3 kinds of rum: Traditional, Grand Arôme(High Ester), and Agricole!

Available in a very limited quantity, check out our Savanna Selection!
And of course, as usual, available at the bar to sip!

For more info about Savanna, have a look on their website.

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