Christian Drouin Hampden Angels Expérimental

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DISTILLERY : Calvados Christian Drouin

COUNTRY : France

TYPE : Apple Brandy (Eau de vie de cidre)

ABV : 44%

AGED : 14 years (finish in Hampden Rum cask for 8 months)

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Expérimental de Christian Drouin Hampden Angels (only 1296 bottles)

“Hampden Angel is made of a 14 years old Pays D’auge calvados wich was finished during 8 months In 4 former casks from the famous Jamaïcan Hampden rum. The 4 casks being made of American oak, this Pays d’Auge calvados was prequalified as en Eau de Vie de Cidre to confirm with the Pays d’Auge appellation rules. The Eau de vie was bottled at 44%.vol.”

From Calvados Drouin website.

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Tasting Notes

“Rich of high esters, the nose is very complex and straight forward with flavours of ripe banana, coffee, dark chocolate, vanilla, and baked apples. The mouth is impressively rich and powerful. High acidity, long-lasting with torified notes on the final.”

From Calvados Drouin website.