Clairin Casimir Ansyen 34 months

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DISTILLERY : Faubert Casimir


TYPE : Pure Sugarcane Juice Rhum – Single Cask

ABV : 49,8%

AGED : 34 month ex-wisky cask

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Clairin Casimir Ansyen 34 months

This Clairin from Faubert Casimir was selected by Valentin Norberg owner of Botanical by Alfonse in Namur. It was aged 34 month in Port-au-Princep, Haiti, in an ex-whisky cask.

“Haiti is the last rum frontier and “Clairin” is the native rum. No one before Velier had ever discovered the inconceivable: there are now 49 running distilleries in the entire Caribbean and no less than 532 in Haiti alone!

Small craft distilleries are scattered throughout the only Caribbean country that rebelled against slavery in 1804 and was shown the red card by the Western world. Today, Haiti is the only country that remains wonderfully “pure” with its original species of un-hybridised sugar cane, chemical-free farming, spontaneous fermentation with no yeasts, and archaic unfiltered distillation.

Unexplored and surprising aromaticity, not only for cane distillates, they are the only natural rums in the world! Haiti began as Cinderella and became a Princess!”

From Clairin – The Spirit of Haiti

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