Compagnie des Indes Belize 13y

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DISTILLERY: Travellers


TYPE: Traditional Single Cask Rum

ABV: 62,1%

AGED: 13 years

SIZE: 70cl

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Compagnie des Indes Belize 13y (only 285 bottles)


“The Belizean rum industry is dominated by Travellers Liquor, a distillery based in Belize City. Belize produces a sugar cane of excellent quality which represents 50 % of the exports of the country.”

From Compagnie des Indes.


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Tasting Notes


Nose: Sandalwood, cinnamon, and a symphony of sweet spices. A floral
touch of elderflower, the prelude of an intense mouth.

Mouth: Powerful with still both the spicy and floral notes. It is a very well-
balanced rum, its high abv makes for a contained powerfulness.

Finish: Long and expressive, roasted subtle notes of 75% cacao.

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