Compagnie des Indes Caroni 22y

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COUNTRY: Trinidad

TYPE: Traditional Single Cask Rum

ABV: 57,5%

AGED: 22 years

SIZE: 70cl

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Compagnie des Indes Caroni 22y (only 287 bottles)


“From the legendary closed distillery in Trinidad, these bottles are very rare and sought after by collectors worldwide! Caroni rums are notable for their distinctive heavy profile with aromas of oil and tar, this bottling is no exception to the rule!
Distilled in 1998, it was bottled in 2020.”

From Compagnie des Indes.


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Tasting Notes


Nose: 100% Caroni with notes of hot tar, slightly peated and malted, and
liquorice (ZAN), but also easier notes of patchouli, rose and geranium.

Mouth: Sweet and fruity like a mirabelle clafouti then quickly evolving to
BBQ aromas, peat, and toast.

Finish: It feels like having licked the asphalt after an American muscle car.
It’s long, very long lasting and heavy, the bitterness and the spices are also
very present.
From Compagnie des Indes.