Del Professore Classico

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DISTILLERY: Antica Distilleria Quaglia


TYPE: Vermouth Bianco

ABV: 18%

SIZE: 75cl

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Del Professore Classico

“With the Classico, we have recreated the Vermouth style popular in Italy at the end of the 18th century. The base wine is enriched with aromatic and medicinal herbs, picked on the Alpine Heights around Turin, along with a great many traditionally-used exotic spices. The vermouth we produce aspires to reappropriate its traditional and rightful role as a ready-to-drink aperitif.

Vermouth Classico del Professore is a living, evolving product from the infusion tank to the bottle. Amber-colored, its complex bouquet is a mixture of lowers, ripe fruit, and spices such as vanilla, cloves, and mace. On the palate, a subtle tactile sensation balances perfectly with sweetness crisp citrus and cinnamon notes and a delicate quinine bark and gentian finish.” -From Del Professore

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