Elements of Islay Peat Full Proof

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DISTILLERY : Unknow (Blend)

COUNTRY : U.K. (Scotland)

TYPE : Blended Malt Whisky

ABV : 59.3%

AGED : Unknow

SIZE : 50cl

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Elements of Islay Peat Full Proof


PEAT is the perfect expression of smoky whisky, with all the full-on coastal character you would expect from an island whisky, as well as balanced sweetness.

On its own or in a cocktail, it is the go-to peaty whisky for all, balancing serious smoky flavour with a sense of fun.

We have used whisky from a handful of distilleries across the island to create an Islay blended malt, taking the distinct character of each and bringing them together, focusing on Islay’s most famous flavour – peat.

The medicinal, almost ‘elemental’ character of Islay malt whiskies was the inspiration for the laboratory-style bottle and element symbol/number naming system used across the Elements range (Lp1, Ar2, and so on). Coincidentally, even the 50cl bottle used throughout the Elements range is called ‘pharmacy’. Every Elements bottle also bears the signature of a whisky authority, so you can be confident of the quality of the liquid inside.” – Elements of Islay website

This Peat from Elements of Islay is definitely one of our Go-To drinks for Whisky lovers here at The Modern Alchemist!

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Tasting Notes

  • NOSE: Fresh, sprightly barley entwined with peat smoke and bonfire embers. Bracing aromas of salty seaweed and seashells. Plenty of clean fruit – lemon, lime and grapefruit, while hiding underneath are notes of rich earth and liquorice.

  • PALATE: Warm and leathery with thick-cut bacon, seashore campfires and roasted fruit: sweet apple and lime with a sprinkle of caster sugar. Layers of smoke and dark-chocolate limes envelope the palate and are intertwined with softer lemon oil and barbecue sauce, with hints of roasted spices and barrel char, complementing the peat and smoke.

  • FINISH: Sea spray and baked apple fade leaving heavier smoke, truffle salt and sweet spice.

From Elements of Islay

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