Hampden Estate 46% Gift Pack

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DISTILLERY : Hampden Estate

COUNTRY : Jamaica

TYPE : Traditional Single Rum

ABV : 46%

AGED : 8 years

SIZE : 70cl

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Hampden Estate 46% Gift Pack

Hampden Estate represents a new frontier in the world of rum thanks to its incredible versatility.

For a satisfying and unforgettable experience, simply enjoy Hampden Estate rum neat. It can also be savored over ice, the colder temperature, and dilution taming the intense profile of the rum. Hampden Estate on the rocks is the ideal serve for someone looking for a more mellow.

Classic cocktails or original creations are also great ways to enjoy Hampden Estate. Whether it’s for a simple, easy-to-make drink or a more sophisticated one, the true adaptability of Hampden Estate rum shines through and gives an authentic touch to many cocktails, rum-based or not.

Finally, countless food pairings can be enjoyed from a piece of dark chocolate a perfectly brewed cup of coffee. Pairing with a rich, full-bodied cigar also proves to be an elevated experience. Preparing a Hampden rum syrup is a great way to make your favorite dessert recipe exceptional. A natural match with a traditional Jamaican cake, waffles, or a decadent topping on a cup of vanilla ice cream.

This gift pack contain a bottle of Hampden Estate 8y 46%, two glasses and some explicative page.

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Tasting Notes

Unique, Smooth, and full of tropical notes, Hampden Estate is an extremely versatile rum, perfect for both mixing and sipping.

The nose is voluptuous and intense, with notes of caramelized apple and sweet spices mixed with a delicate touch of smokiness.

The Palate is fascinating, smooth, and dry at the same time. It reveals very pleasant notes of wood, tropical fruits, and resin.