Hampden OWH 2012 Single Cask #487

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DISTILLERY: Hampden Estate

COUNTRY: Jamaica

TYPE: Traditional Single Cask Rum

ABV: 60%

AGED: 8years

SIZE: 70cl

NOTE: Limited Released / One bottle per customer allowed

Out of stock

Hampden OWH 2012 Single Cask #487 (Limited Released Only 250 bottles)

Hampden Estate was founded in 1753 and remains one of the only independent distilleries in Jamaica. The Trelawny Endemic Birds Series Focuses on Highlighting the truly authentic and unique character of rums distilled and aged in the tropics. This single cask of the OWH mark was distilled in 2012 and embodies the generous and outgoing profile of Trelawny rums.
Selected by The Nectar for Belgium.


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