Koch Tobala

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COUNTRY:  Mexico(Oaxaca)

TYPE: Mezcal Joven

ABV: 47%

AGED: Unaged

SIZE: 70cl

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Koch Tobala

“A subtle mezcal, with floral tones and with great persistence on the palate, completely aromatic and herbal.

“Toba” means maguey; “The” means hot or aromatic. It is a wild Maguey highly appreciated in Oaxaca.”

Species100% Tobalá
RegionSan Baltazar Guelavila
Ripening time9 to 12 years
% Alc. Vol.47% (+/-)
DistillationDouble distillation in copper alembic
Mezcalero MasterPedro Hernandez
Net content700ml



The Koch Group was founded in 2009 as a project to promote traditional mezcal and one year later we became a company.

Since the beginning, our main goal is to underline the uniqueness of mezcal and it’s organoleptic characteristics. Hence the idea that Koch El Mezcal is “liquid art”.

Based on continuous educational work, we position ourselves as leaders in the mezcal “single agave” categories and we are pioneers in the production of blends. Defending and promoting Oaxaca’s multiple terroirs, we work with more than thirteen communities and we continue to grow.


Our work philosophy is to value traditional skills and knowledge through business practices based on trust, mutual respect and fair trade. Our main objective is the promotion of sustainable development and the creation of employment in Oaxaca, particularly in areas under economic and social stress. Assuming the challenge of human development of our community, we defend strong social, ecological and ethical values.


Koch Group has created a portfolio with a line of twenty-five spirits, divided into two categories: “artisanal mezcal” and “ancestral mezcal”. Made from wild, cultivated and semi-cultivated agaves, our spirits reflect and respect the identity of each village. The synergy of all these efforts has consolidated our presence in the domestic market and we export to more than fifteen countries in the world.”

From Koch Mezcal

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