Plantation Jamaica 1996 SC

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COUNTRY: Jamaica

TYPE: Column Still Rum, Single Cask

ABV: 49.1%

AGED: Tropical 21,5 years in bourbon casks + continental 2 years in Ferrand casks

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Plantation Jamaica 1996 SC


Plantation Single Cask rums are limited releases of double-aged Haute Couture rums. All Plantation rums mature in a two-stage ageing process, beginning in the tropics where they age in bourbon casks, and then at the Château de Bonbonnet in France to mature in Ferrand barrels. Plantation Single Cask rums then benefit from further maturation in carefully selected beer, wine or spirit casks, each selected to enhance the rum’s unique characteristics. Every Single Cask rum takes its own ageing path to greatness, and each bottle is personalized and numbered. Only a few barrels of these unique reserve rums are bottled annually, making them a prize for collectors.


Plantation Cellar Master Alexandre Gabriel identifies each rum-producing country by the specific traditions and production techniques of its terroir – the unique environmental characteristics that give each rum its distinctive character. He chooses the best casks from each distillery, celebrating the qualities that make each terroir special.

Category: Single Cask 2020 – Limited Edition
ABV : 49,1%
Origin: Barbados – West Indies Rum Distillery
Raw Material: Molasses
Fermentation: 1 week
Distillation: John Dore double retort pot still
Tropical Ageing: 21,5 years in bourbon casks
Continental Ageing: 2 years in Ferrand casks
Further Maturation: Six months in New York Distilling Company rye whiskey casks 200L, which brings a gourmandize and complexity that tames the intensity of the Long Pond rum
Volatile Substances: 1133 g/HL AA;
Esters : 280 g/hL AA
Dosage: 0 g/L”

From Plantation Rum

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Tasting Notes

Nose: Green banana and pineapple, mango, fresh vanilla and coconut, fruit kernel, refreshing spices like fennel and caraway

Palate: Intense, long and dry, a myriad of exotic fruits, riper than in the nose, vanilla, marzipan and bitter almond, grains.

Finale: violet candy, fruits, woody.”

From Plantation Rum

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