Plantation Pineapple 40%

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DISTILLERY : Unknow (Blend of rum from Trinidad & Tobago, Jamaica and Barbados)

COUNTRY : Blended and bottled in France

TYPE : Traditional Blended Rum

ABV : 40%


SIZE : 70cl

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Plantation Pineapple 40%


This rum made from an old recipes, by alexandre gabriel (owner of “Maison Ferrand” and “Plantation Rum”) is the result of a blend of 2 rums. Some rinds of a fresh pineapple victoria are infused for a week in a 3 stars plantation rum, then the flesh are infused for 3 months in some plantation original dark. After be blended together it will rest for 3 more month into a cask.

Mixix it with lime juice and a bit of simple syrup and you’ll get a nice and refreshing pineapple daiquiri.


Drinking it neat, you will find stong pineapple flavours, sweet spice and tropical fruits notes.


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