Rhumantic Le Passionné

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COUNTRY : Distilled in Guadeloupe, arranged and bottled in Belgium

TYPE : Rhum

ABV : 30%

AGED : Non-aged

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Rhumantic Le Passionné

“Rhumantic, It’s a passion for arranged rum and good products made in Belgium!

Composed of a Guadeloupean agricultural rum, delicious, carefully selected high-quality fruits, and homemade sugar syrup, our bottles give off exceptional aromas on the nose and in the mouth.

Our recipes are worked closely for a perfect balance. Our production is 100% Belgian and artisanal, and our bottles macerate for several months to release all their flavours. Our products are guaranteed free of artificial colours and flavours.

Like our label, we are transparent. Even if there is no law requiring the precise indication of ingredients on alcohol bottles, we have decided not to hide anything from youRhumantic.

Whether as an aperitif or a digestive, temperate or fresh, just shake the bottle and let yourself be carried away by these blends full of flavour and exoticism.

Have you always found rum to be just a man’s drink?
Then arranged Rhumantic rums will change your mind!”
From Rhumantic

Ingredients: Rhum Agricole (74.2%), sugar syrup, Victoria pineapple (10.6%), passion fruit (3.6%).

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Tasting notes

“A beautiful alliance for an exciting story. The Victoria pineapple has decided to mate with the passion fruit or maracuja from Vietnam, for a sweet and surprising aromatic palette. This rum is sweet at first glance, then reveals a little acidic note that only passion fruit can bring you.

On the nose: Softer and more discreet than “Pineapple”, the finesse of passion blends with the sweetness of pineapple. Intense nose on the freshness, green mango and carambola. To finish, the William pear embalms the glass and makes us want more.In the mouth: First mouth soft, round and warm. The light acidity of the passion brings a joyful and airy dimension. Notes of pineapple, green mango and William pear give way to conference pear. The finish is frank, with a slight residue of bourbon vanilla that makes us want to try some more.”

From Rhumantic