Summer is Coming

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A powerfull floral and bitter cocktail. Inspired by foraging wild edelflower while riding with friends in the forest.

Type : Bitter, Sour, Floral

ABV : 25%

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Summer is coming

Our craft cocktails are now available in bottles for take away & delivery.
We always strive to provide you with premium spirits, homemade ingredients such as cordial and syrup, as well as collaborating with local artisans and markets.

How to enjoy your drink?

Our cocktail are ready to be served and include garnishes.

  1. Chill the bottle in your fridge.
  2. Pour 10cl in a chill glass.
  3. Garnish your glass
  4. Enjoy your drink!

Keep in a cool and dry place with no direct sunlight.
After opening, keep the bottle in your fridge and drink within 2 weeks.

Drink responsibly, don’t drink and drive, don’t drink if you are pregnant.

We are donating 1€ to charity for every bottled cocktail sold. Read more!

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Ingredients : 

  • Neisson 52.5%
  • Martini Bitter
  • Nardini Acqua di Cedro
  • Wild elderflower cordial

Garnishes included.

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